Course Structure

On joining the PHE Programme, the candidates undergo the Orientation Programme, which helps familiarise them with the essentials of the hotel industry in general, and the Clarks Group of Hotels in particular. 
The candidates also undergo team building exercises which enables them to break the ice within themselves, thus leading to greater team bonding. 
The PHE Programme offers four specialization areas as options for the candidates to chose from, depending on their aptitude and preferences:
  • Front Office Operations
  • House Keeping Operations
  • Food & Beverage Production
  • Food & Beverage Service
The PHE Programme is based on a system of theoretical and practical sessions, coupled with self-study for the degree/ graduation. There would be six semesters in all, spanning over a period of three years, in any specialization.
The Examinations for PHE have been conceived on a rigorous and fair basis to bring out the best in trainees and prepare them for a challenging career in the hospitality industry. Examinations and assessments for the PHE Programme would be conducted two times a year, at the end of each semester.