The Famous Handicrafts of Lucknow

Lucknow, the golden city of the east, has been celebrated for its magnificent historical heritage and handicraft works. Regarded as one of the multicultural cities of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow emerged as a culture that integrates emotional warmth, courtesy, love for gracious living, and a degree of sophistication. The Nawab of Awadh has always been a profound promoter of fine arts and crafts, be it Zardozi, Chinakari, or Zarbuland work. He took a keen interest in this form of creation and encouraged his nation to acquire this rare degree of perfection. This led to a major development of craftsmanship in Lucknow arts.

Today, this beautiful city is home to skilled artisans who are responsible for some of the finest handicrafts in the world. From far off places, tourists come to the city to purchase and try their hands on the exquisite production of the renowned Lucknow handicrafts.


Lucknow is famous for its skilful embroidery of Chikankari. It is an art form that involves complex and artistic hand embroidery. Chikan work is one of the most popular and proud creations of Lucknow. Believed to be introduced by the Empress Nur Jahan, wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, this traditional embroidery style involves 36 types of stitches, including Tappa, Jali, Pashni, Tepchi, Dhum, and Khatao. The work is done with fabrics such as chiffon, silk, muslin, organdie, and organza, which result in comfortable and regal-looking clothing. Lucknow Chikan sarees and Chikan Kurti are particularly the ideal summerwear.

textiles in Lucknow

Zardozi Embroidery

Zardozi is a stunning form of metal embroidery that has been in existence since the time of Rigveda. This exquisite form of Lucknowi craft landed the city on the world map of fashion! The process of this embroidery is quite complicated and involves multiple tools, including needles, gold wires, silver wires, threads, plastic and glass beads, hooks and a wooden frame. Zardozi involves the sewing of various embellishments on fabrics with the help of metallic threads. This complex embroidery is performed by skilled artisans. In Lucknow, you can buy designer products such as sarees, coats, pants and dresses made out of this exclusive form of artwork.

a pocket watch made out of Zarbuland, a Lucknow art work

Zarbuland Work

Zarbuland Work is a unique art form developed in Lucknow. It resulted from the modifications to the existing Bidri work of Karnataka. The process involves coating one metal over another to reveal a beautiful finished product. The prime difference between Bidri and Zarbuland is that the design in Bidri is inlaid, whereas, in Zarbuland, the design is raised above the surface. The process of this Lucknow art is very long and involves numerous steps such as moulding, carving, polishing, darkening, and engraving. This striking form of artistry is famous, particularly in Lucknow, and you can buy souvenirs here at reasonable rates.

Terracotta Jewellery

Handmade terracotta jewellery is very popular among tourists who are willing to buy something ethnic, fashionable, and exquisite in Lucknow. These super-stylish necklace pieces and earrings are available in a considerable array of vibrant colours and designs. One of the most riveting Lucknow crafts, Terracotta is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and is extremely durable and lightweight, which can be paired with Kurtis and sarees.


Lucknow is also renowned for its natural fragrances, including Attar, popularly known as Ittar ever since civilization began. It is a naturally scented oil derived from plants and herbs via distillation and then mixed with sandalwood or rose oil, which acts as a base to create a lasting fragrance. This mixture is aged for a long period of time, varying from a few months to several years. Some of the famous fragrances, such as Khus, Zafran, Ghulab, Ambar, Agar, and Chameli, are sold in small bottles in Lucknow.

Attar bottles, one of the most popular Lucknow crafts

Lucknow, a historical city of exotic artwork, promises to be a delight for shopaholics. The artisans are known for sculpting marvellous pieces of ornaments, clothing, and showpieces, which are craved by the world. Visit the local markets of Lucknow if you wish to adorn yourself or decorate your houses. Upon your visit, you can book one of the centrally located hotels, Clark Avadh in Lucknow. The hotel is known for its regal decors and majestic architecture, inspired by Lucknowi designs.