Shopping in Hazratganj

Nicknamed as “The City of Nawabs”, Lucknow provides a premium shopping experience to its visitors. The centuries-old markets in the city offer a wide variety of items, such as chikankari products, handmade objects, jewellery, books and more. Hazratganj Market is one of the most famous shopping markets in Lucknow. Popularly known as the “heart of Lucknow”, it is the second-largest market in India. In 1842, it was known as “Ganj”. When the British took over the city in 1857, they revamped it after Queen Street in London. The stone pavements, benches, lamp posts and the cream and pink colour buildings elevate the architectural beauty of the city.

Hazratganj is an ideal shopping market in Lucknow for both locals and tourists. Here is a list of items that you can check out on your visit to the city:


Lucknow is known for its chikan embroideries and products. It is believed that chikan embroidery was introduced by Nur Jehan, wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir. The embroidery is done using various techniques and many different types of textile fabrics, allowing you to choose from a wide range of traditional and authentic designs.

textiles in Lucknow
textile design


Hazratganj Market is quite famous for handicrafts and handmade objects. Gandhi Ashram and Kashmir Government Arts Emporium are one of the most popular places that sell a wide variety of handicrafts. Witness the art of intricate handicrafts curated by local artists from across the world at Hazratganj Market.


Hazratganj Market is a reader’s paradise too. One of the best bookstores in Lucknow, Ram Advani Booksellers is a famous literary landmark in the city. Founded by Ram Advani, the bookstore has a pleasant seating arrangement, surrounded by bookshelves and cases. Unlike other conventional bookstores, Ram Advani Booksellers is the perfect place for avid readers.

bookstore in Lucknow
Lucknow food


Lucknowi cuisine is popular all over the country, and Hazratganj Market offers some of the best places to try scrumptious delicacies. There are several restaurants and food joints in Hazratganj that offer an authentic culinary experience. JJ Bakers is among the best places that serves delicious desserts, perfect for people with a sweet tooth.

Love Lane in Hazratganj Market is the “heart of Hazratganj”. During the time of British rule, the city did not have many places for couples to spend time together. This lane in Hazratganj provided lovebirds a place to spend time in serenity. It is believed that Love Lane was the only place during British rule where couples could walk freely, due to the multiple restrictions imposed on Hazratganj. At present, the lane has become famous for shopping in Lucknow. Visitors can shop accessories, casual dresses, stylish shoes and more at affordable prices.


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