A Marvellous Trip to Raneh Falls

Raneh Fall -A popular tourist place in Khajuraho 2

Khajuraho features a number of temples that are visited by people near and far. In addition to the temples, there are many natural attractions that can be visited by travellers. One such destination in Khajuraho is Raneh Falls. This is an offbeat destination, also known as the Grand Canyon of India. It is one of the hidden treasures in India that is known only to seasoned travellers and locals who frequent the area. Raneh Falls, Khajuraho, is a stunning destination that is formed as a result of centuries of volcanic activity in the area. The volcanic eruptions have given rise to at least three types of igneous rocks which give the waterfall a unique colour and make the place all the more stunning!

Raneh Waterfall has a length of about 5 km and is fed by the Ken river. Since the canyon has a unique structure thanks to its different rock formations, there are many smaller waterfalls that are formed on the sides of the canyon which open up into small streams and make for a wonderful sight. If you are looking for an amazing place in the lap of nature within Madhya Pradesh, look no further than the Raneh falls near Khajuraho.

A popular tourist place in Khajuraho

How to Reach Raneh Falls

Plane taking off at Khajuraho Airport near Hotel Clarks


By Air

Travellers who plan to travel to Khajuraho via air can alight at Khajuraho airport. This airport is located about 20 km from Raneh Falls, Khajuraho. This airport is well-connected to all the major airports across the country. There are regular flights from all the major cities in the country and once you reach this airport, you can either avail of a cab, or utilize a private vehicle to reach your destination.

The Khajuraho Railway Station near Hotel Clarks


By Train

If you are planning to travel via train, then the nearest railway station where you can alight would be Chattarpur Station. This railway station is located about 70 km from Raneh Falls, Khajuraho. There are a number of cabs, buses and private vehicles available at the railway station and you can utilize any one of them to reach Raneh Falls.

A roadtrip to Khajuraho


By Road

Raneh Falls and Khajuraho, in general, are well-connected by road. If you prefer driving using your own means or wish to travel via public transport, then you can alight at Panna Bus Stand near Raneh Waterfalls. This bus stop is located about 44 km from Raneh Falls. You will of course, need to take a cab from here to visit the waterfalls.

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