Clarks Group of Hotels has an integral goal for sustainability measures. The Group aims at ensuring that maximum services are green enabled. In fact, the Group has also been accredited as one of the Green Hotel Group by ISO 9001. The Group aims to go plastic and paper-free, in fact, the hotels have already replaced all plastic straws by paper straws as a first step.
In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint and help make the world a healthier space for posterity, Clarks started the Clarks Seeds of Change drive. Clarks Seeds of Change is a Tree Plantation Drive in Clarks Project sites in Jaipur. 

In addition to the program, below are some of the initiatives which have hotel taken to enhance Sustainable Development:
  • Adopting environmental friendly techniques for advancing laundry services such as – fossil fuel free energy and bio- degradable chemicals.
  • The lighting across the hotel has been advanced to LED and LCD for energy conservation.
  • There is almost zero usage of fossil fuels, as all services have been advanced to electrical usage.
  • Water recycling system to recover 100% of wastewater across the hotel.
  • Regular up-gradation of fire system.
  • Hot water generation through heat pumps for diesel and pollution-free atmosphere and energy saving.
  • The hotels have also been installed with screw chiller technology for saving energy in air conditioning.
  • Installed air compressors for refrigeration to save water and electricity.
  • Plantation drive of hundreds of trees across the hotel campus for building a better environment and atmosphere within the hotel premises.
  • The hotel is currently in the process of solar installation.
  • All rainwater harvesting systems have been revamped.
  • In addition to hard technology, we ensure there is a constant process of upgrading soft technology as well by giving cross-training across departments for better efficiency and quality.